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Up to 40% of all heat used to heat your living space is lost if your attic is not properly insulated


Having professionally fitted attic insulation will dramatically reduce this heat loss while saving you money.
We provide the current recommended attic insulation depth 300mm (12 inches) on all attic insulation to capture the heat from escaping through your attic roof.


There are two options when insulating attics:


Option 1

The insulation between the rafters - this would be suitable if you intend to use the attic as a living space which will keep this new living quarters nice and warm.


Option 2

The ceiling level between the joists - this is the required option for both living/non-living area within the attic. This will stop heat escaping through your ceiling and is one of the first things done before installing flooring within your attic.


Attic flooring

Sean Óg Construction uses raised attic flooring, after the instalment of attic insulation in the joints. We apply are extremely strong boards to the joints to give the householder freedom use of their attic.



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